Japan’s First-Class Architect Mr. KANEDA YOSHIAKI joined JAB DEVELOPMENT CO, LTD.

Mr. KANEDA YOSHIAKI has extensive experience in architectural design in Japan, providing design inspiration and technical supervision for individual residences, condominiums, office buildings and other commercial establishments. The main works include the a commercial building in the Chuo-ku, Osaka City, the nine-story apartment-style residence in the Abeno ku of Osaka, etc.. In the process of designing work, Mr. Kaneda does not pursue the popular elements and exaggerated shapes, but hopes to design an architectural style that combines the traditional Japanese culture with the modern elements, creating an interior space that allows the guests to relax.

(JAB Vice President Alvin Io met with Mr. Jin Tian in Osaka and discussed cooperation)

 The joining of Mr. Kaneda has strengthened the lineup of JAB Architects. Thanks to the support and recognition of our customers, JAB combines the unique style and wisdom of

many architects to create a perfect space environment for the purpose of building a "Cost- Effective, Reliable, Protected" business philosophy, gathering the glory of all kinds of work.
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